Founded in Copenhagen, Calyah’s design approach combines contemporary sensibilities with a curiosity to explore different traditions in a conscious interplay of cultures expressing itself in the new Nordic Maximalism.

Dedicated to creating positive change through design, Calyah brings together renowned designers with artisans from around the world. Our passion is telling human stories realised through collectible design, art, and crafted furniture for the home and public spaces.

Ca’lyah was established by entrepreneur Nigel Majakari who was inspired by his work  and experiences in the small rural workshops and family homes of Tamil wood furniture and stone carving artisans.

The name Ca´lyah is made up of two root words in ancient Sanskrit that relate to the ideas of “giftedness” and the “performance” of the gift or talent. These words were used in the context of traditional artisans working with stone and wood crafts, as well as musical and dance performances connected to religious traditions. The name embeds the value of artisanal craft in Ca´lyah´s DNA, and tells their story.

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We design and craft collectible design and exceptional products to be enjoyed for a life time and made from the finest natural and circular materials  ●  We bring together designers, artisans and craftspeople from different cultures to express the values of dialogue and cooperation  ●  We are dedicated to developing the next generation of crafts people in underserved communities by financing skills academy programmes through the sales of our products  ●  Through our products and editions, we tell human stories and create conversations about issues that matter.